Why Exfoliating Will Give You a Flawless Bronze | Beautifully Bronzed

If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you’ve heard us try to pound this amazing fact in your head. EXFOLIATION IS KEY! Yes, that’s right. Scrub away for that flawless glow!!

Because exfoliation is amazing, it’s simply one of the best things you can do for your skin. If you aren’t doing this already, it’s not too late. Jump on the bandwagon ASAP, bronzed babe!

But why, tho? We’ll spill the facts for you!

1. Exfoliation makes skin smoother

Who doesn’t want smoother skin! Dead skin cells love piling up on the surface of your skin, make it rougher to the touch. Then, there are wrinkles. They make your skin fold and crease. A little bit of exfoliation will help smooth everything out. Yep, even wrinkles. It won’t remove them, but it will make them smaller.

2. Shine on, Babe!

You know what else all of those dead skin cells do to your skin? Rob it it’s natural glow. Scrub away the dull and lackluster appearance.

We recommend using an all natural sugar scrub

3. Avoid the Clog!

Exfoliating will help your pores from clogging, which keeps congestion in your pores and acne under control.

4. Maintain Proper Absorption

Exfoliating will help skin care products absorb properly making them more effective. All your fav healthy lotions, serums, and oils will penetrate deeper in the skin.

5. Exfoliation give you an even tan

You know what happens when you have a cluster of dead cells piling on here and there? You tan unevenly. Some parts of your face are a lovely golden brown. Others, way too brown. If you want to look like a bronzed goddess, remove those piles of dead skin first for flawless results.

There ya go, Bronzed Babe! Before your next session, make sure you skin is in the right condition.