Vacation Glow Insider Tips from Beautifully Bronzed Organic Spray Tans

It’s about that time, Bronzed Babes. Time to treat yo’self to that picture perfect drink with the
cute umbrella and toes in the sand! But first things first… get that glow before you go.
Because who wants to arrive pale… exactly!

Read on for our perfect insider tips for that perfect vacation glow.

  1. For that perfect ‘WE’RE HERE’ bronze, book you and your friends that jaw dropping spray tan 1-2 days before you leave. If you are booking any other services before you jet (mani/pedi, waxing, facials, etc) make sure to book these 24+ hours BEFORE your bronze session to not hinder the tanning process.
  2. See our ‘Keep You On Your Bronzed Game’ blog post for our fav tips on that flawless tan.
  3. Show up to your appointment on time and ready to become that Bronzed Babe you know you are! Spring Break season is busy busy season. Make sure to wear dark, loose clothing after your tan. Sorry ladies. Leave the yoga pants at home.
  4. Don’t forget to grab our go to Travel Pack. Here’s what’s inside:
    • White Girl SPF – yaass girl! Made for sunless tanning, this oil free spf protects your skin and your tan from fading in chlorine and ocean salt water.
    • Tan Extend Lotion – This amazing 2 in 1 moisturizer will leave your skin silky smooth while instantly boosting your tan.
    • Sulfate Free Cleanser – Sulfate free cleansers are our #1 essential for any post spray tan shower. This pH balancing and soap free wash is essential….and smells just as amazing!
    • Exfoliant – Perfect to prep beforehand and exfoliant any left over spray tan. As much as we hate saying goodbye, all good things do sometimes come to an end…until your next sunless session!
    • Touch up Foam – If you haven’t tried this product yet, you are truly missing out. For areas that fade a bit faster, or want a deeper or darker glow while you’re away. Our fav is applying on a damp sponge and the foam is applied smooth and evenly.
  5. That’s right! Take a selfie because you’re glowing, Bronzed Babe!
  6. Sit back, enjoy, relax and have the best vacation! But don’t forget to tag us in your Beautifully Bronzed photos! @BBronzedOrganic

No trips planned yet? Book and enjoy a staycation or night out and enjoy all of the benefits that having a tan does to your body image and self esteem.

Have questions? We are just a phone call away!