Beautifully Bronzed Organic Spray Tans added TWO new GLOWS

We wanted to give a quick little update on what’s been going on for Beautifully Bronzed! This month, we added TWO new GLOWS — one made for those gym bunnies and a coffee & coconut solution for HYDRATIONS!

Coffee & Coconuts!

Your fave tan slayers have recently introduced a new solution to our arsenal with skin-soothing properties. Enriched with coconut water and coffee, our new solution is an intense, hydrating skin therapy leaving you with a rich finish. H2O works to deeply hydrate your skin with powerful hydrating properties and antioxidants, giving you a lasting tan. The addition of coffee works to improve your skin texture, all while invigorating your senses. Bonus: it’s in our Bronzed in a Breeze option.

The Tan That Won’t Sweat Off!

Our endurance-workout-ready boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off. This is the self tan built for the active person, so you can tan while you tone.